The Love of Your Liver

When I was in elementary school health class, I first heard rumor of the liver and its magical regenerative power. Cut off even a portion of it and the whole thing would grow back, they said. Sorta. I concede that perhaps my memory of the information was a little skewed, or the teacher’s understanding of it could have been basic. After all, he was the PE teacher. Advanced liver anatomy and pathology might not have been a reasonable expectation.

General Toxin Begone

I love my liver, though I have not always shown it ample appreciation. When you consider the function of this large flat organ, we should all show a bit more love. The liver is responsible for filtering and cleaning your blood. As the warm red liquid circumnavigates your body, carrying with it oxygen, nutrients and captured toxins, it all flows through the liver for sorting and sifting. Whatever is deemed waste, allergens, harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites are released into the intestinal tract for excretion.

Another vital function of our liver is its role in bile production. Bile is a digestive secretion made in the liver and composed of water, bilirubin and bile salts. Once the liver makes the bile, it is then stored in the gallbladder until use. Bile allows us to digest fats. In addition, bile helps filter out excess hormones, environmental toxins and other bodily waste.

Major Bodily Upset

When our liver is not functioning ideally, it takes a significant toll on other areas of our health.

Many factors can contribute to a sluggish liver. Consuming grease and other unhealthy fats can certainly cause the liver to work overtime. Alcohol is another way we can dehydrate and distract the liver from its normal toxic load. Excess sugar consumption and chronic dehydration are particularly taxing on all organs, liver included.

Often overlooked in liver health, are the emotions which tie into it. Anger is said to cause heat in the liver, according to eastern and ayurvedic practices. When we do not process anger in a productive and healthy way, it can cause discord throughout the digestive system. We discuss the importance of emotional health as it relates to your organs in Do You Hear What I Hear.

Perhaps most notably, when your liver is overwhelmed it affects hormone metabolism. The various hormones which regulate all bodily function are interconnected. They are the little data packets which determine which signals will be sent where. When any part of the hormone production, exchange and metabolism process is failing, it matters to your whole being. In Unraveling Adrenal Fatigue, we explained the importance of hormonal symbiosis.

When left unchecked, a sluggish liver becomes an inflamed one. Prolonged inflammation leads to cancer and other serious issues. So let’s not let it get that far. Take steps to reverse liver damage and inflammation today.

Admiral Realignment

There is good news. The liver does have an uncanny ability to reverse damage and heal itself; when given the proper environment to do so. You can help create the right environment with some thoughtful choices. Just as we clean the filters on our home appliances and vehicles, this vital bodily filter can also be cleansed. With herbal support, better nutritional choices, hydration and attention to your emotional well-being; you equip your liver with the greatest opportunity for success. As you might guess, changes in these areas not only improve liver health; but virtually every other are of your life.

You can find a blend of all of these in our Live and Let Liver herbal tincture.

Trust me, a little love and attention aimed at your liver health is well worth it. Nothing beats regular digestive and bowel habits, adequate sleep, mental clarity and emotional peace. Your liver, when performing optimally, is a key moderator in all of those. When all is said and done, you are the only one truly vested in what kind of life you want to live. You can choose to be stagnant and sluggish. You can also choose to make your health a priority. Doing so improves every aspect of your being and gives your loved ones the gift of the best possible version of you. Look forward to the morning revellie and become who God made you to be.

Rise and Shine ???? – Roots to Remedies

Iodine Workshop Time

Our hormones are generally mentioned in the context of the scape goat; the invisible at-fault party. “I can’t seem to lose weight or tone muscle like I used to, must be hormones. She has been moody all day, probably hormonal. His hair is thinning; better get his hormones checked.” This logic isn’t as flippant as you think. Our hormones actually do have a hand in every other bodily function. The role our hormones play and the inputs that guide them are methodical and complex. Our hormones aren’t random and they don’t just scramble out of whack for no reason. We choose inputs that influence the rate and quality of hormone production. The inputs are things like sleep, exercise, hydration, nutrition (vitamins and minerals), toxins and stress. The Input One particular input we want to examine today is Iodine. Although Iodine is a trace mineral; proper levels of it in the human body are crucial for well being. Specifically, iodine levels are directly related to thyroid hormones. The T3 and T4 hormones are responsible for cellular matabolism and the proper development of the kidneys, liver, heart, muscles and brain. Suffice it to say, you don’t want to wallow around lacking in iodine.

Prolonged imbalance in the thyroid can result in a discontinuity among the HPT axis. We mentioned the hypothalamus/pituitary/thyroid relationship in Unraveling Adrenal Fatigue. The relationship between these hormone housing glands is a delicate balance. An insufficient production of any of the key hormones, causes disruption in the others. Imagine a house where the electrical wires are a tangled mess. You turn on the porch light and the garbage disposal whirrs in the back. Similarly, when the means of hormone regulation are not operating properly; our internal messages get mixed. The Restoration Process One way to easily meet your daily iodine requirement is to eat foods high in iodine. Sea veggies like kelp and nori are extremely good sources. Other foods high in iodine include asparagus, leafy greens, onions, sweet potatoes, many legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, barley, farro and quinoa.


upplementation is another way to be sure your iodine levels are adequate. Roots to Remedies has a carefully crafted formula called Thyroid Warrior.

The Supergreens Superfood Blend is a great and easy alternative to getting in your daily greens which aid in digestion, enhancing your immune system, and boosting your energy. This product is rich in sea extracts chlorella and kelp. Our Balacing Act blend is another incredible tool for your body’s shop. Since the relationships between various hormonal processes are so mutually dependent, nurturing one nurtures them all. While over 70% Of the world’s population has experienced iodine deficiency, it is a problem that has a solution. Again, iodine is a trace mineral so the amount necessary is small, only about 150 micrograms.

The Output So, what do we get for maintaining healthy iodine levels? The payoff is well worth the maintenance. We get hormones that are in balance. We experience more restful sleep and improved mental clarity. Proper thyroid harmony can improve your mood and maintain energy. As with all things automated, it’s cyclical. Patterns of behavior which produce low levels of necessary inputs, result in the effects of the low levels of inputs. When we take time to tend to our own wellness, in the form of inputs like iodine levels, we naturally tune in to other things our bodies need. If you nurture the thyroid and improve mental clarity, it is highly likely you will be aware of other areas in need of subtle attention. Better focus will no doubt result in improved decision making. Quality sleep fosters wellness on so many levels. Our cells do the bulk of their healing while we sleep. We only get one engine with which to race through this existence. The design of our models would be that they were built for performance. Life Happens. Distractions come up and we forget to give ourselves proper maintenance from time to time. That’s ok. We get to choose again tomorrow. Tomorrow, choose to ensure your body has the inputs it needs for optimal performance. Your Victory Lap is in Reach???? – Roots to Remedies

Reference: Iodine Study

Trace mineral significance

Unraveling Adrenal Fatigue

The human body is a wonder of resilience. It has a threshold for abuse which offers us a realm to swing hammers, throw balls, labor children, process trauma, run, and even still, recover from illness and injury. Paired with it’s uncanny tolerance, is the body’s unending grace.

Understanding Your Engine

Your adrenal glands are essential staffers of the larger endocrine system. These baby carrot sized glands sit just atop your kidneys. They regulate the production of more than fifty hormones like cortisol, epinephrine and neoepinephrine. It is this hormone regulation which is crucial in many other daily functions.

Like any other ecosystem, the human body relies on balance and symbiosis to keep things running as they should. Too much cortisol or too little testosterone; these things matter. The adrenal glands work in a close partnership with the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary gland to form the HPA-axis.

Watch Your Mileage

This emergency response system is called the fight or flight response, and it is entirely useful in surviving a threat. Many people have developed patterns and habits that expose them to constant stress. In a situation where the perception of being under threat is a common occurrence, the adrenal glands can become overworked. This is referred to as Adrenal Fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue is the unintended consequence of your body essentially crying wolf too often. The stress you face may certainly be real; but the necessary response to daily annoyance need not be the equivalent of needing to outrun a hungry lion. When we don’t take time to monitor our stress levels and make careful measured responses to the reality in front of us, we allow our adrenals to sound the alarm bell unnecessarily. The frequent use of this emergency system reduces its effectiveness while simultaneously flooding the body with too many hormones. Each of these hormones has to be processed once released. That means your liver and kidneys and digestive track all have to work overtime to metabolise the surplus. As you might imagine, this can cause other issues in a domino effect.

Get a Regular Tune-up

Before you allow reading about stress hormones to elevate yours, let us offer some reassurance. Most people experience some form of Adrenal Fatigue in their life. It is a condition to be aware of; as it can cause real disruption in your health. Most importantly, it is completely reverseable. By paying attention to the patterns of thought that can work your mind into a stressful frenzy, you can fine tune your own stress response system. We talk at length about ways to mitigate daily stress in our recent entry Let’s Address Your Stress.

Our formula is simple. Tend to your thoughts and emotional needs, move your body and hydrate and nourish yourself. We offer several herbal options to help you deal with various types of stress here. We also have an incredible proprietary formula of herbs known to help nurture the adrenal system specifically. Roots to Remedie’s Adrenal Herbal formula offers support for optimal adrenal gland health and promotes a more balanced physical and emotional stress response. It can help optimize energy levels while promoting a healthy mood and healthy response to stress and contains high quality herbs including: * Ashwagandha Root helps regulate your body’s stress hormone, cortisol, which can make you feel more calm and potentially soothe adrenal fatigue. It can also help modulate cellular sensitivity to stress hormones, thereby encouraging a healthier response to stress overall. * Rhodiola is an adrenal adaptogen which supports the functioning of the adrenal glands and encourages a healthy response to stress. It can support the body’s natural resistance and help with adrenal fatigue. * Eleuthero Root for improved concentration, reduced stress and fatigue, and enhanced overall immunity.

In every wonder of creation is a pattern which points out other wonders. It is a rule of replication or law of attraction. In Finding Family Unity we discussed how every necessary cellular aspect of a mighty oak tree is contained in the tiny seed from which it begins. A single brain cell is a near exact miniature of the entire universe. You get to actively participate in the patterns you create for your health. It is your input or withholding that will determine how high the cost will be for your body to absorb on your behalf. Your body is your own sacrificial lamb which you may choose to treat with reciprocal kindness and appreciation.

Value Your Vessel ???? – Roots to Remedies

Uncommon Ground

What a week. You made it through whatever you had envisioned might happen; and then what actually did. How did we do? Are you reminding yourself daily that the resolution for this year was to be kinder to you? Moving more slowly during uncertain times seems to come naturally. This is not laziness, this is your spirit slowing down your racing mind, or trying to. Embrace it. Operate mindfully and pay attention.

The division every single person is feeling right now is not unique. Each occupant of the planet who has access to media, is aware of the salty and bitter climate. Many people have not developed healthy skills to cope with anger, fear and uncertainty. When a person does not know what to do with big emotions they tend to seek out conflict. You can recognize them easily if you are purposely monitoring your own wellness. Their social media posts and comments are aggressive and argumentative, many times not quite on topic and include unnecessary personal attacks.


can be heart wrenching to reminisce on friendships that were once so full of beauty and comfort and fun; but now have turned into irritation and animosity. How can two people who once agreed on so much, now struggle to find any common ground? Is there any salvage?

There is; but likely not today. Today is the day for your energy. When two people are passionately polar, the best course of action is probably a break. This is not an announcement, which would only fuel further defensiveness. This is simply a conscious decision on your part that, until you both have done some more healing and growing, you are more likely to stay centered outside of their sphere.

It can be uncomfortable to change a routine. Having a creative outlet can be a game changer. Most people do not even realize their own ability to create. Many song writers and painters produce the bulk of their work during times of pain. Big emotions produce complex ideas which need a release valve. When working through your feelings and trying to understand them so you can feel better, try doing something else that interests you. Paint, cook, garden, run, sing, sew. It really does not matter as long as you enjoy it.

When we allow another person to be the reason we are upset, we surrender our power. I’m sure the Bible said that it was better for a man to be alone because of this. If we cannot exist in a relationship or friendship without demanding the other person behave in a particular way before we will be able to gain any joy from their presence, then the relationship is not the problem. You are. I am. We are. It is better to be alone than to impart misery on another, or to have them do the same to you. Isn’t it?

Your joy and enjoyment of your own company, will make every other relationship you have flourish. You will find a renewed sense of self love from stepping away from toxic situations and embracing creative outlets.

Look, the sharing of ideas is a precious gift. Healthy debate can be useful. When we truly want to understand a different point of view, it’s a beautiful thing. When a populace of emotionally damaged adults are committed to the flavor of mud they throw and are driven by their anger and fear, interacting it isn’t so useful. Silly question but can you heal another person, or make them understand you exact viewpoint? We all know we cannot. Your relationship with yourself is where it all starts. Without truly knowing yourself, you cannot connect authentically with your Creator, your spouse or your siblings.

This isn’t even some deep truth. When you feel good you are a better contributor to any social situation. When you feel bad, not as much. Feel good on purpose today. Stretch your sore muscles. Paint a rock with your child. Do something that has meaning and that matters. Move with intention to be a happier and kinder contributor. Then when ideas are shared, ulterior motives and loaded rebuttals won’t ruin the progress. When we communicate from a place of openness and love, our voices are truly heard and understood.

Be Authentically You ???? – Roots to Remedies

Oh Baby!

No matter how outlandish the world circus becomes, one truth holds firm. People are going to have sex. Babies will be made. It sounds like a punchline you could end a thousand jokes with. Really though, it’s entirely reasonable. Sex is an important player in the way humans give and receive love. It is the way two people share energies and plug in to a greater energetic source combined. To be sure, it’s a descent way to spend a few minutes. Think of how other minutes are spent: buying coffee creamer, driving, organizing a spreadsheet, trying to figure out which kid tracked in what on the floor. When you and your partner consciously take a moment to connect with one another, positive endorphins flood your system. It is an appointment worth making time for, especially when either of you could use comforting.

Let’s Get it On

Parenting and otherwise adulting can leave many people feeling too emotionally haggard and physically exhausted to tend to this important area of need. Everyday stressors keep our hormones guessing, which directly affects our mood and libido. What a paradox. On one hand, when the world seems to be falling apart, it can be hard to come to a place where either of you are in the mood for intimacy; especially simultaneously. On the other, what we all need in times of difficulty is deep connection, comfort and love.

Several herbs are known to reduce stress and increase libido.

Desire herbal blend is formulated for those of you ladies (or fellas) who want some help getting in the mood. I know many women, especially those breastfeeding, can have seasons of losing desire of intimacy. Many men are stressed out and exhausted and struggle with testosterone levels. This extract is a great way to help you both get in the mood!

Smooth Moves Aphrodisiac formula is an herbal infused personal lubricant. You can use it as a massage oil when setting the mood and use it internally. This blend helps increase sensations and pleasure as well as reduce discomfort and pain. This is handcrafted with only the finest oils, including Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, and organic herbs that are known Aphrodisiacs, such as Red Clover and Maca Root.

Where do Babies Come From?

Not surprising, with the stay at home conditions imposed over the last year, many women have become pregnant. This has to be such a unique mix right now of blessing and confusion. Medical skepticism is at an all-time high.

If now is the time your family will be expanding, congratulations. This does not need to be a time of fear or uncertainty for you. Every generation of people finds themselves in the middle of unprecedented times. Even still, we procreate. New life is exactly the gift of hope most precious to the world in times when we struggle to remember the miraculous.

There are many options for prenatal care now which wisely focus on the beauty of the natural process. Midwives and Doulas can be exceptional additions or alternatives to impersonal hospital births and physicians who approach pregnancy more similarly to a pathology, than to the extremely natural process that it is. When choosing your birth plan, research your options independently. Sit with the decision in prayer or meditation. Listen to the urgings of your body. Choose the plan that feels most empowering and comforting to you. The most important ingredient in a healthy gestation is a serene and relaxed momma.


If you find yourself with mood issues, nausea, insomnia, constipation or one of the many other blessings that accompany this miracle, herbal medicine is a safe way to help ease your path.

Expecting Herbal Support Tea helps support pregnancy and prepare the womb for labor.

Smooth Sailing helps you find relief for your nausea using only natural organic herbs.

Prenatal Nurture provides you all the benefits and nutrients of a prenatal without the yucky additives and synthetic ingredients. This herbal blend is prefect for you as you carry your little miracle inside your belly.

In the Wake of the Stork

In a few hours of what will forever be a wonderful story you tell and retell more times than you can imagine, a household is increased by one soul. A tiny new perfect symbol, resounding everything will be alright. Sweet little breath. With it, the far looming gravity of new faced responsibility for another person. Soon following that, the exhaustion of what your incredible body has just brought you both through. It stops my breath still, thinking of the waves of emotion. The utter joy.

The few weeks following childbirth are marked with milestones and change. Your body has done an incredible thing physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is forever changed. Such big changes require extra love and attention. Rest and hydration are crucial as you nurse and comfort your new little one. It takes your muscles and tissues time to recoupperate after such an incredible feat.

Ignoring this step is a mistake too many women make. Go slow with a new baby. Take your time with every act of care and detail. This allows you to form and fortify precious moments you cannot recreate once your newborn has started to grow and move beyond this fragile phase; as they all do. Additionally, it allows your body to heal; while also letting you feel your way through this new experience. Post partum emotions are complete with all the feels. It is ok to allow yourself to feel them all. Explore the joy and awe and terror you are feeling. They will reveal to you what is important and remind you to keep your focus on those things.

Check out our post partum products to help your body bounce back, or tackle other common issues like baby blues, by clicking here.

The Ties That Bind

Family is a wonderful gift. What would so many of us have done without the support and comfort of our families during uncertain times? It is a beautiful testament to the power of love to overcome. When the news is awful, our family still loves us. When we burned dinner, our children still hug us. If we have messy hair or tacky clothes, the little baby in our arms doesn’t notice.

If you are looking for ways to build family unity, we have a helpful article for that here

Hold your loved ones close. Remain aware of the precious blessing it is to have other people who are vested in one another; who are here for you. You are not alone.

With Warmest Wishes ???? – Roots to Remedies

Finding Motivation in Chaos

Is there a single one of you who doubt the correlation between emotional and physical health? Listen to your own heartbeat right now. How long has it been since it was racing from anger or fear? A couple of days? Few hours? The link you clicked before this one? Healers of the world are working overtime right now to keep a delicate population from bursting of fester.

The hard lines drawn are unfortunate, but at least they are artificial. This week, and for the weeks proceeding, we feel more and more polarized and distant from other human beings. It was never intended to be this way. We are social creatures and thrive under conditions where there is love. When there is not, stress hormones run rampant. Digestion and sleep suffer. The overall energy you are contributing to the planet is affected by your sense of belonging. Not just yours, but mine, and his and hers.

When conflict rages, and the overall temperature of the planet is on an emotional rolling boil, the answer lies in you. When we truly seek to understand other beings solutions reveal themselves. When every revered character in history is in agreement, how long can we ignore the answer? Jesus, Ghandi, Fred Rogers – exact same message. Love is the answer. “But those people are so unlovable”, we all insist. They are. And to any given outside perspective; so is each of us.

Stubbornly denouncing any opinion, or the holder of that opinion, just because you have arrived at different conclusions, is to lack in awareness. Diversity has always been. People with shared DNA are often polar opposites. No measure of peace or harmony was ever gained by forcing uniformity. The reason travel is said to broaden the mind is because it provides an opportunity to dismiss stereotype and rumor and investigate the experience of another culture authentically. Why then, do we now accept second hand the entire outline of who our neighbor must be based on one observation?

Look, not every liberal is a blind sheep and not every conservative a fascist. In fact, there are likely few of either. There is, however, a sea of disenfranchised and hurting individuals who all feel passionately about their various positions. One won’t even hear the reasons why the other might have the perspective they do. They both just make assumptions and apply labels. Not very enlightened.

How do we find motivation to live an abundant and joyous life in the midst of this chaos? We start with love. Love yourself enough to take care of your emotional and physical health. Expose your mind to things that are positive and hopeful and that most importantly, make you feel joy. Practice gentleness and love to those around you. What an opportunity to show our children and our spouses an extra measure of care and grace as we all navigate together. Get to know one new neighbor this week. A distant hello and wave. Take a plate of cookies to leave for them. I go for a walk with one of mine after dinner on nice evenings. The enrichment you gain from this willingness to be consciously connected to the oneness of humanity is its own reward. Feelings of belonging and community and purpose are high vibrational emotions. They naturally lead to motivation and abundance. This is how we move forward – in love.

From Our Hearts to Yours ????,- Roots to Remedies

The Laundry of Life

I found it entirely appropriate that it rained on the last day of 2020. It’s how winter presents here in the south usually: a cold, drippy haze. I thought of the past year and the plans that were cancelled and the ones which were delayed. I read some pages of a book that brought the tears flooding over me as well. Then the comforting sense that the rain was rinsing away all the tears of the year. It was cooling the ire and renewing the atmosphere. I thought of the long showers I always escaped to after a day that could only be comforted by the steam and solace of them. Cleanse this year away and leave only it’s lessons, I thought.

Soak, Rinse, Repeat

As if to confirm my suspicions, I woke to a renewed scene. The moon was full and alive until daylight broke with the sun, bright and piercing. I realized that the prior year has been like the shedding of skin or pruning of branches. I took a moment over the warm cup in my clasped hands to ponder what had actually been.

The last twelve months have produced circumstances that have forced many of us to deeply consider what we value. It nudged us into loosening our grip on patterns of behavior that do not contribute to our greater good. We have collectively, and individually faced scenarios we never imagined before.

So with this cleansing and renewal process, and each adaptation to rigorous change, there are now necessary bits of fallout which must be dealt with. Just as we bundle up the branches of the pruned tree for the brush pick-up, our clutter from last year must be evicted. The sudsy water of your evening shower washes away the dirt of the day and our internal bodies need the same consideration.

Whether you are committing to healing from and letting go of last year’s anxiousness, worry, anger, or sadness; those emotions have to be identified and processed. The psychological part of this process finds success through various avenues. Talk therapy, prayer and uplifting reading can all be extremely helpful.

Your Turn for a Spin

The physical toll this takes on each of us also needs nurturing. We process our stress hormones through our endocrine, nervous, digestive and adrenal systems. If you have unwittingly battered your adrenals, skin and liver all year then January might be just the time to detox from some of last year’s encounters and choices. Am I the only one who overdid it on sweets last month ???? to soothe away some of the unbelievable circus that was 2020?

For some pretty sage detox options, jump over to our entry Garbage In, Garbage Out. Our targeted herbal extracts are excellent ways to heal organs and glands which have been overtaxed.

A cup of hot tea can be like a comforting friend. When the tea has the added benefit of detoxifying and healing your body, all the better. Our conscientious Herbalist carefully selects appropriate leaves for steeping to address a variety of concerns. Find the cup that soothes your soul here.

The Adrenal Formula is carefully crafted to help support optimal adrenal gland health and promote a more balanced physical and emotional stress response. It can help optimize energy levels while promoting a healthy mood and healthy response to stress.

Your liver does work most people don’t even realize. Cleaning the blood is a full time post. Every toxin and excess hormone you encounter finds its way to the bloodstream; and thereby to the liver’s laundry pile. Its healthy function is necessary for proper digestion and waste removal. Our Live and Let Liver formula helps address a sluggish liver. This herbal blend contains some of the best herbs for purifying the blood and liver, shrinking enlarged liver, and helping the liver function properly.

Soaking in a warm bath with salts is not only relaxing, but it draws out the residual toxins through the skin from the body having processed stress hormones and food choices. It is an amazing incentive after a brisk walk, jog or hike. Now look at us. We’re exercising and healing. It’s a fantastic year already!

Obviously, we make incredible bath products at Roots to Remedies; ideal for soothing and detoxing. Find them with our full line of detox products.

Feeling Fresh and Wrinkle Free

So last year was what it was. If bile creeps up your throat in eulogy, take some time to release the emotions connected to it. Shake off those brown bits of decay and make way for the blossoming that always follows the gardener’s pruning and water. Have your cleansing cry, your warm bath and dry your face. Look in your mirror and remember the grace, luck and strength that brought you to this place; with your towel-wrapped head held high.

You are Beautiful ???? – Roots to Remedies

End of Year (Emotional) Clearance

Every year we select this time to take inventory of the prior year’s personal shortcomings. Then we make a promise or two to ourselves that will produce a better scorecard next year. We call them resolutions and post them in places which seem coordinated, with our own self destructive tendencies, to crank up the shame heat. Works in progress, we are.

Stop it. You are enough. What you did this past year was the best you could possibly do with the circumstances and resources you were afforded. No person ever intentionally acts against their own best interest. Even if an act ends up having a result which is against our interests; we certainly didn’t have that clarity in the moment of the decision. We always believe we are doing some version of what must be done, or the best we can. It is only later, when we have time and less heightened emotion on a matter, that we can see our mistakes.

So see them. Remember the lessons embedded therein and then move on. This is the beauty of our intelligent creation. We can make mistakes and still find value in them because we learn. Focus on the positive aspects and the victories. Reword your inner monologue this year to praise the things you got right and encourage better where you want to improve. Don’t chastise or dwell on what cannot be changed. Thank God for giving you the tools to be a better version of you and forgive yourself as freely as he does.

If you need a resolution for 2021; make it a promise to be better to yourself. Engage in more things that are healthy for your body and soothing for your soul. Refuse to give of yourself to empty vapid causes that take away from whatever is personally of value. Play more. Engage more. Worry less.

Ring it in Right????

– Roots to Remedies

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

If someone asked you where you spent most of your time, would the answer be a place?  The natural inclination of most is to identify a geographic location.  The truth for most, is in our own heads.  We question the decisions and actions which outline our past.  Then we hop on the mental train at the next platform that carries our imagination into the future, and all the possibilities waiting to plague us there.  We occasionally pit stop in the present.  Most usually, only to notice some form of personal irritation.

We dismiss this behavior as daydreaming or some necessary mental exercise.  Let me ask you, does your mind honestly feel like it needs a tougher workout?  

This pattern of behavior might not be great for our mental health; but hey, at least it’s familiar and predictable.  Like clockwork, our time spent guessing about the future produces fear and worry about what might be coming.  Is it coming?  Maybe, so we might as well be prepared, right?  Not so fast.  

Our brains aren’t the only characters at work.  Eastern medicine insists on a close link between our emotions and particular organ function.  For example, fear affects your kidneys. 

Bogged Down With Fear

These organs are essential to optimal health and normal bodily function.  The kidneys filter toxins, regulate the hormone processes and work in tandem with the lungs to keep oxygen and fluid levels in balance.  Weakness or ailment in the kidneys manifests physically through symptoms like:

 – Frequent Urination

     – Night Sweats

     – Dry Mouth

     – Lower Back Pain

     – Ringing in Ears

     – Hair loss or Early Graying

Prolonged weakness of the kidneys results from living in a state of continual fear.  These seemingly mild or irritating symptoms are actually trying to send you a warning.  Our kidneys are responsible for processing our surplus Cortisol levels.  If you remember from our recent post Let’s Address Your Stress, cortisol is the hormone produced (and often over produced) when we feel negative emotion.  Our kidneys are awesome at moderating these levels when they aren’t being overly exposed to fight or flight. They are supreme at a true fight or flight scenario.  The human condition has now cried wolf a few times too many.  For a large percentage of the population, fear is just a state of being and not an occasional anomaly.  

We can nurture our kidneys both emotionally and physically.  When you feel fear, recognize it.  I don’t mean scrutinize and analyze and overthink the object or condition causing your fear.  What I mean is take a minute to identify your frame of mind.  Say to yourself, this is fear.  Ask yourself, is this fear warranted?  Have I felt this similar emotion before, only to discover later it had been unnecessary?  

When you greet fear at the proverbial door, you establish your power.  If you allow the fear to slither in unnoticed through various sources in your environment, before you know it the undetected fear has rummaged around in your mind long enough to stir up some real bother.  It gives the fear the power and extends its welcome in your body.

Be of Good Cheer

Of course it sounds unreasonable to think a person can just decide to recalibrate their current mood from one of fear to one of cheer, and all is immediately better.  A ripple effect is created when you make the decision though.  

The organ associated with cheer or joy is the heart.  An ample supply of reasons to feel good is the best possible medicine for cardiovascular health.  In addition to taxing the kidneys, an abundance of fear obviously implies a lack of cheer; and therefore a weakened heart as well.  By slowing our thoughts and intentionally noticing the positive details which surround us, we avoid additional stress on both of these vital organs.

Physically, there are amazing herbs which work amazingly well with the heart and kidneys.  You can find formulas customized to support optimal function in our Kidney Shot and Heart Health tinctures.

You are Here

Perspective is everything.  If you catch yourself observing your surroundings from a negative place, imagine the maps at the malls which boast in bright red letters, “You are here”.  And just like those directories, if you know where you are, it is much easier to find your way to your intended destination.  An example of how to map your way to a happier place would be:

You get to choose the experience you have in each moment.  Being selective in what you willingly give your attention to provides an outline for a happy story.  When you notice one reason to be happy, the next naturally reveals itself.  In the same way that fear is contagious, cheer and joy can be exponential one tiny adjustment at a time.  You are here.  You’ve done amazing and heroic things to get here.  And from here, you can go anywhere.

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CBD – The Cellular Super Nanny

Did you have a mother or father who was certain if they weren’t directly involved with a task or project, it would all fall apart?  Years ago, I watched as the mother of a grown friend stood loyally by and instructed my friend on how to mix up instant hot cocoa.  All I could wonder was, how dumb does she think her daughter is?  Is she aware the girl makes it to work and the grocery all the time on her own?  Does she think someone else is cooking the woman’s food or brushing here teeth for her when mom isn’t around?  I had a good laugh in my head.  Maybe you are that person.  The responsible and intelligent over-thinker who catches all the details.  This is the image I have of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  In this scenario, picture a little less (s)mother and a little more highly efficient predictive administrative assistant.


The human ENC is a complex network of receptors, enzymes and pathways which essentially organizes and monitors all of the rest of your systems.  As far as it is understood to date, and research continues, the purpose of the Endocannabinoid System is to maintain homeostasis. It does so by modulating our neurotransmitters.  So if, for example, you became ill and out of balance (or homeostasis), your body might develop a fever to mitigate (cook off) the pathogens causing illness in order to bring the body back into homeostasis.  The ENC is the dutiful maintenance droid running around reminding the hypothalamus to turn up the heat for a bit then turn it back off when no longer needed.  It does the same for all regulatory systems influencing and maintaining your overall health.  This includes things like sleep patterns, inflammatory response, and wound healing.  Think all encompassing body nanny.


The fuels that keep the ENC running are referred to as a Cannabinoids.  There are 2 types of cannabinoids; those made by humans and those made by plants.  Our brains manufacturer endogenous (self made) CBD.  Receptors for these magic molecules are located in every organ, tissue and cell of our bodies.  Incredibly, they have a built in automation to use those needed, and dismiss any surplus.  A deficiency, on the other hand, could prove concerning.  How cool is it that plants make these molecules as well?  Plant made cannabinoids are phytotropic.

On a quick note just to dispel any notions of a paisley – collaged “high” experience.  CBD molecules are not psychotropic like THC.  They both come from the hemp, or cannabis, plant and are both cannabinoids.  They each offer their own benefits to CBD receptors. There are several cannabinoids molecules produced by the Cannibas plant.  When extracting the intended molecules, herbalists are able extract a broad spectrum of CBD molecules, or they can isolate just one desired or particular type of CBD.  For instance, CBD Isolate is prepared selecting only the CBD material and not any of the CBG or THC or any of the other cannabinoids.  Full Spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids but predominantly CBD.  Full Spectrum CBG, similarly, had all the others but is mostly CBG. 

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In recent years the understanding of the Endocannabinoid System has been sought by many researchers.  It has been determined to be beneficial in so many of our regulatory functions that it is useful in nurturing the body through a variety of health conditions.

Some of these include: protecting the nervous system, reducing pain and inflammation, mitigates seizure frequency, relieves muscle spasms, helps regulate hormone balance, stimulates bone growth, antipsychotic, discourages artery blockages and inhibits tumor growth.

This promising plant molecule deserves every bit over the massive reputation it has gathered in recent years.  While the research is new, the truth of the findings are ages old.  Many scholars suggest that even the Bible cited recipes for both health and worship purposes involving cannibas.  A particular theorist, Sula Benet, hypothesized with much agreement among the historical botany community, that the Hebrew “kaneh-bosem” and “sweet cane” referred to cannabis.  This is significant because the recipes containing these ingredients range from ancient apothecary remedies, to holy anointing oil to incense mandatory for worship.  

In short, if you have tried coping with your body’s homeostasis through traditional methods and grown frustrated, you are likely one of millions of candidates for CBD supplementation. It’s a song you’ll hear from us again and again. The melody changes slightly but the substance remains.  Plants are incredible medicine.

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