“Induction” Labor Stimulant Herbal Tincture

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If you are planning on having a natural birth its best to avoid conventional induction. After you have hit 40 weeks and need to get moving you can start to naturally induce. This herbal blend can help stimulate and encourage labor. It will not force your into labor like conventional drugs. This is best to use when you are already starting to get some light contractions, to help restart stalled labor, or to help expel the placenta.

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Black Cohosh*, Blue Cohosh*, Red Raspberry Leaf*, Ginger Root*

*Certified Organic Ingredient


15 – 20 drops

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1 review for “Induction” Labor Stimulant Herbal Tincture

  1. Kristie

    While this tincture didn’t “induce” me. I give it full credit for my painless early labor and super quick total labor time. I took this on 2 separate occasions trying to ramp up the prodromal labor I had been having. Once at 38+5 and then again at 39+2. I had my cervix checked at 38+0 and was 2cm 50% thinned and medium consistency. Then at 39+0 I was checked again (after just one use of this tincture) and was 3cm 80% and butter soft according to my midwife. I went into labor the night of 39+3 (one day after taking this the 2nd time) and had painless regular contractions for a few hrs that stopped(assumed more prodromal labor), went to sleep and woke up at 3:30AM with “ok this is definitely labor “ contractions and then at 4:15 when my midwife arrived I was already 10cm and complete. Less than an hour of “labor”!!! I either painlessly dilated from 3cm to 9/10cm or quickly dilated from 3cm to 10cm in under an hour. Or a combination of both. Either way, I’ll take it!! Totally worth it in my opinion and if I ever have another baby I’ll definitely be utilizing this tincture again.
    The taste wasn’t great but I held under my tongue for 10 seconds or so and then washed it down with my iced coffee and it masked the taste almost completely.

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