Kind Pen Twist- VV 510- Thread Vape Pen Battery


Twist is the only 510-thread VV battery you’ll ever need. It’s compact and portable (but powerful), and it works with most 510 cartomizers and tanks. The capacity of this battery is 400mAh, and it features a LED indicator light that will tell you when the time comes to plug it in. Charging is done via a universal USB charger.


Why choose the Twist?

  • With Twist, you get a vape battery that’s compatible with *almost* all 510 vape cartridges and tanks (except the weird ones… we don’t do weird ones)
  • 400mAh battery capacity, so even if you do forget your charger at home, you can still go through your vape day without despairing
  • Two preheat settings, so even those thicker juices aren’t that much of a problem for Twist


  • 400mAh battery capacity
  • A 510-thread battery compatible with most carts and tanks
  • Simple, one-button operation
  • 2-click preheat feature (2.0v)
  • Variable voltage capabilities (2.0v-4.0v)
  • Battery life LED indicator
  • Universal USB charger


Additional information


Silver, Black & Gold, Rose Gold, Iridescent


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