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Our hormones are generally mentioned in the context of the scape goat; the invisible at-fault party. “I can’t seem to lose weight or tone muscle like I used to, must be hormones. She has been moody all day, probably hormonal. His hair is thinning; better get his hormones checked.” This logic isn’t as flippant as you think. Our hormones actually do have a hand in every other bodily function. The role our hormones play and the inputs that guide them are methodical and complex. Our hormones aren’t random and they don’t just scramble out of whack for no reason. We choose inputs that influence the rate and quality of hormone production. The inputs are things like sleep, exercise, hydration, nutrition (vitamins and minerals), toxins and stress. The Input One particular input we want to examine today is Iodine. Although Iodine is a trace mineral; proper levels of it in the human body are crucial for well being. Specifically, iodine levels are directly related to thyroid hormones. The T3 and T4 hormones are responsible for cellular matabolism and the proper development of the kidneys, liver, heart, muscles and brain. Suffice it to say, you don’t want to wallow around lacking in iodine.

Prolonged imbalance in the thyroid can result in a discontinuity among the HPT axis. We mentioned the hypothalamus/pituitary/thyroid relationship in Unraveling Adrenal Fatigue. The relationship between these hormone housing glands is a delicate balance. An insufficient production of any of the key hormones, causes disruption in the others. Imagine a house where the electrical wires are a tangled mess. You turn on the porch light and the garbage disposal whirrs in the back. Similarly, when the means of hormone regulation are not operating properly; our internal messages get mixed. The Restoration Process One way to easily meet your daily iodine requirement is to eat foods high in iodine. Sea veggies like kelp and nori are extremely good sources. Other foods high in iodine include asparagus, leafy greens, onions, sweet potatoes, many legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, barley, farro and quinoa.


upplementation is another way to be sure your iodine levels are adequate. Roots to Remedies has a carefully crafted formula called Thyroid Warrior.

The Supergreens Superfood Blend is a great and easy alternative to getting in your daily greens which aid in digestion, enhancing your immune system, and boosting your energy. This product is rich in sea extracts chlorella and kelp. Our Balacing Act blend is another incredible tool for your body’s shop. Since the relationships between various hormonal processes are so mutually dependent, nurturing one nurtures them all. While over 70% Of the world’s population has experienced iodine deficiency, it is a problem that has a solution. Again, iodine is a trace mineral so the amount necessary is small, only about 150 micrograms.

The Output So, what do we get for maintaining healthy iodine levels? The payoff is well worth the maintenance. We get hormones that are in balance. We experience more restful sleep and improved mental clarity. Proper thyroid harmony can improve your mood and maintain energy. As with all things automated, it’s cyclical. Patterns of behavior which produce low levels of necessary inputs, result in the effects of the low levels of inputs. When we take time to tend to our own wellness, in the form of inputs like iodine levels, we naturally tune in to other things our bodies need. If you nurture the thyroid and improve mental clarity, it is highly likely you will be aware of other areas in need of subtle attention. Better focus will no doubt result in improved decision making. Quality sleep fosters wellness on so many levels. Our cells do the bulk of their healing while we sleep. We only get one engine with which to race through this existence. The design of our models would be that they were built for performance. Life Happens. Distractions come up and we forget to give ourselves proper maintenance from time to time. That’s ok. We get to choose again tomorrow. Tomorrow, choose to ensure your body has the inputs it needs for optimal performance. Your Victory Lap is in Reach???? – Roots to Remedies

Reference: Iodine Study

Trace mineral significance

Bring Your Appetite

A Wobbly Table

Food is one of the many treasures we are lucky enough to get to indulge in everyday. Meals bring people together as they pass the bread and exchange banter. Sometimes, it is when we sit alone and hash out our thoughts. For some, it is a time of torture.

There are massive amounts of trending information swirling about the desperate ears of those who have made food the enemy.  The primary focus is often weight loss or dress size.  This perspective comes from a place of self judgement.  Recognize it as such and dismiss it from your company.  The goal is not a number.  The goal is a feeling.  What we all seek, no matter our size, is acceptance, love, to feel valuable and desired.  It is extremely difficult to receive those positive concepts when our mind is chastising us with each bite of guilt-frosted cake. 

An Updated Menu

If we can achieve a place of understanding that feeling good about ourselves is the key, we can unlock just about any state of health or fitness we desire.  The singular act of changing perspectives to eat with the intention of nourishment and wellness, rather than with carb math and calorie restriction, makes so many other steps fall in line naturally. 

The list of what should not be eaten for optimal health is long and foreboding.  Focusing on the no-no’s puts you in a mental place of lack.  We always want what we can’t have; even if we never really wanted it. However, there is an entire class of ingredients which have been deemed superfoods.  This term was coined in the 90s and applied to foods which are particularly nutrient dense.  No empty calories lurking here.  Some examples, and some of my favorites are:

Chocolate – Specifically, raw cacao, is a powerhouse of good will. It is said to prevent cancer, reduce depression, ease hypertension, improve mental clarity and much more. Also, it’s delicious, and a fabulous way to love yourself a little bit more. I have heard rumors of people who don’t like chocolate but we should be kind and accept them anyway.

Mushrooms – There are hundreds of types of edible mushrooms and they are all nutrient dense.  One of our go to shrooms is the Lion’s Mane.  This little beauty is known to stimulate brain cell growth, reduce symptoms of anxiety/depression, stimulate the growth and repair of nerve cells, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and support heart health.  Want to taste?  Fall is the perfect time to try our Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate.

Oats – These little plants are packed with iron, vitamins, fiber, and a host of minerals.  They improve energy and help with gut flora.  The straw of the oat is used medicinally to elevate libido, soothe an overworked nervous system, reduce anxiety, strengthen bones and regulate sleep patterns.

Dandelion – I bet you thought this one was a weed.  Dandelion greens are an amazing addition to your plate.  They are a bitter green, like arugula or parsley and high in vitamins A, B6, C, D and K as well as iron, phosphorus, calcium and more.  Dandelion is excellent for your gut microbiome and is known to treat a host of disorders including inflammation and issues with mood.  Worried about the taste?  They are lovely sautéed in a bit of olive oil, sea salt and garlic; or you can try it in our Nature’s Nurture herbal complete vitamin.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero root) – This herbal wonder boosts immune function. It helps with stamina, mental clarity, reduced anxiety and patience.  For those with a sensitivity to caffeine, ginseng tea and extracts are an excellent alternative.  We also have an herbal for that.  Check out the Double Shot energy boosting extract on the Roots to Remedies website.

Berries – Again, so many berries are superfoods.  One lesser known is the rose hip berry.  Its benefits include the ability to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, relieve respiratory conditions, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, increase urination, regulate digestion, boost the immune system, increase circulation, and help in building stronger bones.

An Excellent Host Superfoods are the stuff of allowance and abundance and permission.  Instead of worrying about what not to eat, indulge in as many life giving foods as you’d like.  There are literally hundreds of superfoods.  Big shocker: they are almost all plants.  I would list them but seriously, if it grows from the ground and is edible, odds are – you guessed it: superfood.  Take a minute to ponder the wonder of that.   The earth was stocked with edible offerings that just happen to be comprised of the exact nutrients which cause humans to thrive.  It makes me think of the love and joy it brings me to stock my own pantry for my husband and kids to have rations.  Obviously there was a Devine force with our comfort in mind when the world’s cupboards were engineered.  

Bless Our Bounty, Roots to Remedies

Try this delicious Superfood Chocolate Sundae????