If someone asked you where you spent most of your time, would the answer be a place?  The natural inclination of most is to identify a geographic location.  The truth for most, is in our own heads.  We question the decisions and actions which outline our past.  Then we hop on the mental train at the next platform that carries our imagination into the future, and all the possibilities waiting to plague us there.  We occasionally pit stop in the present.  Most usually, only to notice some form of personal irritation.

We dismiss this behavior as daydreaming or some necessary mental exercise.  Let me ask you, does your mind honestly feel like it needs a tougher workout?  

This pattern of behavior might not be great for our mental health; but hey, at least it’s familiar and predictable.  Like clockwork, our time spent guessing about the future produces fear and worry about what might be coming.  Is it coming?  Maybe, so we might as well be prepared, right?  Not so fast.  

Our brains aren’t the only characters at work.  Eastern medicine insists on a close link between our emotions and particular organ function.  For example, fear affects your kidneys. 

Bogged Down With Fear

These organs are essential to optimal health and normal bodily function.  The kidneys filter toxins, regulate the hormone processes and work in tandem with the lungs to keep oxygen and fluid levels in balance.  Weakness or ailment in the kidneys manifests physically through symptoms like:

 – Frequent Urination

     – Night Sweats

     – Dry Mouth

     – Lower Back Pain

     – Ringing in Ears

     – Hair loss or Early Graying

Prolonged weakness of the kidneys results from living in a state of continual fear.  These seemingly mild or irritating symptoms are actually trying to send you a warning.  Our kidneys are responsible for processing our surplus Cortisol levels.  If you remember from our recent post Let’s Address Your Stress, cortisol is the hormone produced (and often over produced) when we feel negative emotion.  Our kidneys are awesome at moderating these levels when they aren’t being overly exposed to fight or flight. They are supreme at a true fight or flight scenario.  The human condition has now cried wolf a few times too many.  For a large percentage of the population, fear is just a state of being and not an occasional anomaly.  

We can nurture our kidneys both emotionally and physically.  When you feel fear, recognize it.  I don’t mean scrutinize and analyze and overthink the object or condition causing your fear.  What I mean is take a minute to identify your frame of mind.  Say to yourself, this is fear.  Ask yourself, is this fear warranted?  Have I felt this similar emotion before, only to discover later it had been unnecessary?  

When you greet fear at the proverbial door, you establish your power.  If you allow the fear to slither in unnoticed through various sources in your environment, before you know it the undetected fear has rummaged around in your mind long enough to stir up some real bother.  It gives the fear the power and extends its welcome in your body.

Be of Good Cheer

Of course it sounds unreasonable to think a person can just decide to recalibrate their current mood from one of fear to one of cheer, and all is immediately better.  A ripple effect is created when you make the decision though.  

The organ associated with cheer or joy is the heart.  An ample supply of reasons to feel good is the best possible medicine for cardiovascular health.  In addition to taxing the kidneys, an abundance of fear obviously implies a lack of cheer; and therefore a weakened heart as well.  By slowing our thoughts and intentionally noticing the positive details which surround us, we avoid additional stress on both of these vital organs.

Physically, there are amazing herbs which work amazingly well with the heart and kidneys.  You can find formulas customized to support optimal function in our Kidney Shot and Heart Health tinctures.

You are Here

Perspective is everything.  If you catch yourself observing your surroundings from a negative place, imagine the maps at the malls which boast in bright red letters, “You are here”.  And just like those directories, if you know where you are, it is much easier to find your way to your intended destination.  An example of how to map your way to a happier place would be:

You get to choose the experience you have in each moment.  Being selective in what you willingly give your attention to provides an outline for a happy story.  When you notice one reason to be happy, the next naturally reveals itself.  In the same way that fear is contagious, cheer and joy can be exponential one tiny adjustment at a time.  You are here.  You’ve done amazing and heroic things to get here.  And from here, you can go anywhere.

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