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“I HAVE to boast about Roots To Remedies once again! I’ve been dealing with terrible inflammation in both of my knees for years. The pain would start in my knees and go all the way up my back. It got to the point where I was taking 4 ibuprofens every few hours, and it still wasn’t helping. And then…. I received this little bottle of magic! I took it for a few days and once the inflammation went down, the pain was completely gone. I don’t even need to take it every day. Just every now and then if I know I’m going to have a really busy day. Thank you!”
Jessica Gulic
“I have never received a product I haven’t LOVED but this one is definitely my favorite today! Came home from work yesterday with a very bad sore throat, and started taking my Four Thieves every few hours. I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and took another dose. By the time I woke up I felt so much better and my fever had broken on its own. I’m so thankful for this product that I’ve already ordered more. I definitely recommend this for your medicine cabinet, especially if you’re allergic to antibiotics like I am. Thank you again!”
Aimee Luci-Anna
“Even with proper supplementation I was having trouble keeping up with the demands of my son. He loves to eat! I was only pumping 6 oz between both breasts and that was only filling one of the two feedings he needed for his day at school. I was getting nervous about needing to supplement… This Boobie Booster Extract is NO JOKE. I have been taking it for two days and today I pumped 8oz off of one side and 6 oz off of the other!”
Katlyn Migyanko