Hey all!

My name is Alexandra Duran. I’m a mother of three four spirited boys, a sweet girl, and a wife to insanely creative and loving man.

My journey of natural living began over a decade ago. Little by little, I shed my modern tendancies and began to approach things in a more minimalist and old fashion manner. A lot of people refer to me as a hippie or crunchy mom. I have spent many years researching natural remedies and then later dove into Herbalism and have found such a passion working with herbs. God has given us a beautiful planet that supplies us with incredible healing trees and plants. I am honored to help turn these plants and trees into healing products for you and your families.

All of these items are made with tender love and care. My heart is to help you take charge of your health and empower you to learn how to care for it by getting back to your roots. Lets get back to the basics and care for our bodies in a more gentle and natural method.