Every year we select this time to take inventory of the prior year’s personal shortcomings. Then we make a promise or two to ourselves that will produce a better scorecard next year. We call them resolutions and post them in places which seem coordinated, with our own self destructive tendencies, to crank up the shame heat. Works in progress, we are.

Stop it. You are enough. What you did this past year was the best you could possibly do with the circumstances and resources you were afforded. No person ever intentionally acts against their own best interest. Even if an act ends up having a result which is against our interests; we certainly didn’t have that clarity in the moment of the decision. We always believe we are doing some version of what must be done, or the best we can. It is only later, when we have time and less heightened emotion on a matter, that we can see our mistakes.

So see them. Remember the lessons embedded therein and then move on. This is the beauty of our intelligent creation. We can make mistakes and still find value in them because we learn. Focus on the positive aspects and the victories. Reword your inner monologue this year to praise the things you got right and encourage better where you want to improve. Don’t chastise or dwell on what cannot be changed. Thank God for giving you the tools to be a better version of you and forgive yourself as freely as he does.

If you need a resolution for 2021; make it a promise to be better to yourself. Engage in more things that are healthy for your body and soothing for your soul. Refuse to give of yourself to empty vapid causes that take away from whatever is personally of value. Play more. Engage more. Worry less.

Ring it in Right????

– Roots to Remedies

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