For many families, this year has brought about drastic changes in routine and household dynamics.  Some, for the first time, are getting to spend days or weeks at a time together.  We are all getting to know our immediate little pods a lot better.  The work/home/social juggling acts, we had at least learned how to stumble through in 2019, have all been re choreographed.  We now get blindfolds and flaming batons; instead of soft consistent fuzzy tennis balls. Change affects everyone in the house.  It’s likely that each member of the family feels the changes in their own unique and personal way; which makes it seem more impactful on themselves than on the others.  Accepting that this is true for myself, means I should realize it is also true for others.  Change is not selectively more difficult on particular people.  Some people just have healthier coping skills. 

Unity comes from a desired common comfort and acceptance.  Communication is the way to build a home environment that fosters such things.  

Seeds Sprout Life

No one person can create unity for the group. At the same time, the desire for unity can be contagious and with multiple energetic fields focused on the same positive concept, great momentum is created.

There is a reason statements like “where two or more are gathered” and “faith of a mustard seed” hold such powerful meaning. We do quite literally speak things into existence. You do it every day. You predict aloud you will do a thing every single day that you actually accomplish. Recognize that, it’s your mustard seed.

Indulge me further on the concept of seeds for a moment.  So in just simple observation of what is, patterns emerge everywhere.  A tiny seed has every component necessary to become a sprout and then a plant which produces fruit and more seeds.  The growth from one seed is exponential.  Animals and humans all start as some tiny group of cells that are equipped with all we need to experience unlimited exponential expansion.  Astronomers do wild calculations which suggest the universe is always expanding.  Water starts as an oxygen molecule that attracts a couple of hydrogen atoms and kablooyah.  You get the idea. Small things yield unlimited potential. 

Tend to Your Garden Unity is very much the same in theory.  For big and meaningful concepts like world peace to ever be realized, we have to reverse engineer the path to the seed that produces it.  Community is collective unity.  Some of us are lucky enough to feel like we have an extended network of support and social interaction and are a part of a community.  Others of us just desire this to be true one day.  Smaller than your community is your family unit.  Each member of this unit has the seed material necessary for unity. 

The desire for family unity is the necessary material.  Following the desire, the momentum begins to build and you can fan the flames of it in two ways.  First, you must create oneness in yourself.  An unhappy person cannot borrow from the joy of others.  If you rely on another person for your contentment, you are gathering momentum for your addiction to their approval and not for self love and acceptance.  Some days we feel this easily, others we need a little extra self awareness. On days we are feeling in tune with our inner selves, we should gather momentum.  Interact with your spouse and children and from your abundance of self love, show love to them.  When you love your child or spouse from this space, you don’t expect any payoff in return.  They are in no way obligated to join you in the exact same spot you are at.  You are building momentum, not demanding results.  

The second way you can usher momentum toward family unity is to stay out of its way.  If you are feeling bitter or sad or angry, don’t hinder the momentum built toward unity yesterday.  On days you aren’t feeling it, don’t spread it.  These are the days you should be extra attentive to your own needs and emotions.  Work on your own little self unity momentum until it is stable then you can engage others again for family unity.  It is imperative to offer the same space to all members with whom you desire unity.  If your child or spouse sounds frustrated or unkind, they are clearly in need of some healing.  Ask if there is any way you can facilitate that healing, aside from allowing them time and space to explore it.  If their personal momentum is not one of unity, no need to drag them into a space where unity is gathering force.  One will only upset the other.  

We All Grow Together Unity isn’t a destination, but rather a direction.  You can’t fail at it because you had a bad day or argued with someone who you really want to be close with.  Unity is always there waiting from the moment we birth the desire for it.  Some days we make progress and have deliberate meaningful interactions and other days we focus our energy somewhere else.  The progress made on better days isn’t lost, our place is still waiting for when conditions are right again to build momentum there.  The same is true for each contributing member to the common cause.  Some days they will be momentum builders toward the common goal of unity by helping and encouraging the rest, other days they can best contribute by staying out of the way and tending to their own needs.  In any configuration, the unity is always there and available.  The members will float in and out; but always in the general direction of, and closer to unity each day.

True communication is not striving to make noise that can be heard.  Instead it’s the act of attempting to specifically understand the other person.  Wherever true connectedness is desired, a willingness to be open and compassionate should also be had.  Close knit families and picturesque holiday gatherings aren’t random, they are cultivated.  They are the results of desires spoken into existence and then recognized and savored. 

If you have a moment where you are feeling love or gratitude toward, or because of, another person – tell them.  Share with them the impact of their positivity in your life. bBe as willing to share thoughts like these as we are to let the other know they forgot or failed to meet our expectations in some way.  Gracious and supportive behavior toward yourself attracts the same from others.  Create your own unity to build your community.

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