Is there a single one of you who doubt the correlation between emotional and physical health? Listen to your own heartbeat right now. How long has it been since it was racing from anger or fear? A couple of days? Few hours? The link you clicked before this one? Healers of the world are working overtime right now to keep a delicate population from bursting of fester.

The hard lines drawn are unfortunate, but at least they are artificial. This week, and for the weeks proceeding, we feel more and more polarized and distant from other human beings. It was never intended to be this way. We are social creatures and thrive under conditions where there is love. When there is not, stress hormones run rampant. Digestion and sleep suffer. The overall energy you are contributing to the planet is affected by your sense of belonging. Not just yours, but mine, and his and hers.

When conflict rages, and the overall temperature of the planet is on an emotional rolling boil, the answer lies in you. When we truly seek to understand other beings solutions reveal themselves. When every revered character in history is in agreement, how long can we ignore the answer? Jesus, Ghandi, Fred Rogers – exact same message. Love is the answer. “But those people are so unlovable”, we all insist. They are. And to any given outside perspective; so is each of us.

Stubbornly denouncing any opinion, or the holder of that opinion, just because you have arrived at different conclusions, is to lack in awareness. Diversity has always been. People with shared DNA are often polar opposites. No measure of peace or harmony was ever gained by forcing uniformity. The reason travel is said to broaden the mind is because it provides an opportunity to dismiss stereotype and rumor and investigate the experience of another culture authentically. Why then, do we now accept second hand the entire outline of who our neighbor must be based on one observation?

Look, not every liberal is a blind sheep and not every conservative a fascist. In fact, there are likely few of either. There is, however, a sea of disenfranchised and hurting individuals who all feel passionately about their various positions. One won’t even hear the reasons why the other might have the perspective they do. They both just make assumptions and apply labels. Not very enlightened.

How do we find motivation to live an abundant and joyous life in the midst of this chaos? We start with love. Love yourself enough to take care of your emotional and physical health. Expose your mind to things that are positive and hopeful and that most importantly, make you feel joy. Practice gentleness and love to those around you. What an opportunity to show our children and our spouses an extra measure of care and grace as we all navigate together. Get to know one new neighbor this week. A distant hello and wave. Take a plate of cookies to leave for them. I go for a walk with one of mine after dinner on nice evenings. The enrichment you gain from this willingness to be consciously connected to the oneness of humanity is its own reward. Feelings of belonging and community and purpose are high vibrational emotions. They naturally lead to motivation and abundance. This is how we move forward – in love.

From Our Hearts to Yours ????,- Roots to Remedies

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