If you have ever experienced an upset tummy after receiving bad news or a headache after a frustrating day at work, you know the correlation between how you feel physically and emotionally.  Nervousness, insomnia, and anxiety can be significant signals your body has become overloaded with the fallout negative feelings cause, and it’s time to consider a detox.

Most natural-minded people have a fairly good understanding of the harmful effects environmental toxins have on the body.  Chemicals and heavy metals are pretty widely accepted as being adverse to human health.  The amazing thing is, we’ve all been outfitted with an incredible filtration system. 

Most people don’t realize that when your body is processing excess hormones it adds a huge additional burden to your personal purification engine.  When you worry, for instance, your endocrine system excretes cortisol.  This hormone is useful in a true fight or flight scenario, but repeated dosages are difficult on the liver and kidneys.  When these organs become sluggish from the additional cortisol (or estrogen or testosterone), it becomes harder for them to efficiently do their job. This, in turn, causes an imbalance in your gut flora. When your microbiome is out of sync, parasites and yeast flourish.

One of the best ways to bring your emotional and physical health into attunement is through cleansing or detoxing.  First, do what you can to tidy up your thoughts. If a news story makes you feel tense, turn it off.  If a particular person grates on your nerves, avoid them until you feel better.  Make time to pray and meditate and go for a walk daily.  Give your attention to the uplifting and the positive.  Next, hydrate hydrate hydrate.  There is just too much research on this so I’ll spare you the sermon. 

Finally, support your amazing body and the organs that do so much for you! You can show some love to an overworked system with high-quality herbs and improved nutrition. The great thing about using nature’s cupboard for detoxification that it can be a continuous process, as it was always designed to be. Our ancestors knew this and incorporated bitter vegetables and herbs in their diets. In the modern era of drive-thrus, frozen breakfasts, and boxed dinners, most people aren’t even aware that dandelions are edible. This shift in basic nutrition has caused us to miss out on the continuous dosing of these herbs/foods and their vital benefits.

Look, nobody likes cleaning the house, but everyone loves the comfort of one. Detoxing doesn’t have to be daunting. If you’re imagining restrictive diets of spicy lemon water or handfuls of synthetic pills, come to the light. What your body craves are plants that support your own onboard automated cleaning crew.

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Be Well, Roots to Remedies

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