No matter how outlandish the world circus becomes, one truth holds firm. People are going to have sex. Babies will be made. It sounds like a punchline you could end a thousand jokes with. Really though, it’s entirely reasonable. Sex is an important player in the way humans give and receive love. It is the way two people share energies and plug in to a greater energetic source combined. To be sure, it’s a descent way to spend a few minutes. Think of how other minutes are spent: buying coffee creamer, driving, organizing a spreadsheet, trying to figure out which kid tracked in what on the floor. When you and your partner consciously take a moment to connect with one another, positive endorphins flood your system. It is an appointment worth making time for, especially when either of you could use comforting.

Let’s Get it On

Parenting and otherwise adulting can leave many people feeling too emotionally haggard and physically exhausted to tend to this important area of need. Everyday stressors keep our hormones guessing, which directly affects our mood and libido. What a paradox. On one hand, when the world seems to be falling apart, it can be hard to come to a place where either of you are in the mood for intimacy; especially simultaneously. On the other, what we all need in times of difficulty is deep connection, comfort and love.

Several herbs are known to reduce stress and increase libido.

Desire herbal blend is formulated for those of you ladies (or fellas) who want some help getting in the mood. I know many women, especially those breastfeeding, can have seasons of losing desire of intimacy. Many men are stressed out and exhausted and struggle with testosterone levels. This extract is a great way to help you both get in the mood!

Smooth Moves Aphrodisiac formula is an herbal infused personal lubricant. You can use it as a massage oil when setting the mood and use it internally. This blend helps increase sensations and pleasure as well as reduce discomfort and pain. This is handcrafted with only the finest oils, including Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, and organic herbs that are known Aphrodisiacs, such as Red Clover and Maca Root.

Where do Babies Come From?

Not surprising, with the stay at home conditions imposed over the last year, many women have become pregnant. This has to be such a unique mix right now of blessing and confusion. Medical skepticism is at an all-time high.

If now is the time your family will be expanding, congratulations. This does not need to be a time of fear or uncertainty for you. Every generation of people finds themselves in the middle of unprecedented times. Even still, we procreate. New life is exactly the gift of hope most precious to the world in times when we struggle to remember the miraculous.

There are many options for prenatal care now which wisely focus on the beauty of the natural process. Midwives and Doulas can be exceptional additions or alternatives to impersonal hospital births and physicians who approach pregnancy more similarly to a pathology, than to the extremely natural process that it is. When choosing your birth plan, research your options independently. Sit with the decision in prayer or meditation. Listen to the urgings of your body. Choose the plan that feels most empowering and comforting to you. The most important ingredient in a healthy gestation is a serene and relaxed momma.


If you find yourself with mood issues, nausea, insomnia, constipation or one of the many other blessings that accompany this miracle, herbal medicine is a safe way to help ease your path.

Expecting Herbal Support Tea helps support pregnancy and prepare the womb for labor.

Smooth Sailing helps you find relief for your nausea using only natural organic herbs.

Prenatal Nurture provides you all the benefits and nutrients of a prenatal without the yucky additives and synthetic ingredients. This herbal blend is prefect for you as you carry your little miracle inside your belly.

In the Wake of the Stork

In a few hours of what will forever be a wonderful story you tell and retell more times than you can imagine, a household is increased by one soul. A tiny new perfect symbol, resounding everything will be alright. Sweet little breath. With it, the far looming gravity of new faced responsibility for another person. Soon following that, the exhaustion of what your incredible body has just brought you both through. It stops my breath still, thinking of the waves of emotion. The utter joy.

The few weeks following childbirth are marked with milestones and change. Your body has done an incredible thing physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is forever changed. Such big changes require extra love and attention. Rest and hydration are crucial as you nurse and comfort your new little one. It takes your muscles and tissues time to recoupperate after such an incredible feat.

Ignoring this step is a mistake too many women make. Go slow with a new baby. Take your time with every act of care and detail. This allows you to form and fortify precious moments you cannot recreate once your newborn has started to grow and move beyond this fragile phase; as they all do. Additionally, it allows your body to heal; while also letting you feel your way through this new experience. Post partum emotions are complete with all the feels. It is ok to allow yourself to feel them all. Explore the joy and awe and terror you are feeling. They will reveal to you what is important and remind you to keep your focus on those things.

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The Ties That Bind

Family is a wonderful gift. What would so many of us have done without the support and comfort of our families during uncertain times? It is a beautiful testament to the power of love to overcome. When the news is awful, our family still loves us. When we burned dinner, our children still hug us. If we have messy hair or tacky clothes, the little baby in our arms doesn’t notice.

If you are looking for ways to build family unity, we have a helpful article for that here

Hold your loved ones close. Remain aware of the precious blessing it is to have other people who are vested in one another; who are here for you. You are not alone.

With Warmest Wishes ???? – Roots to Remedies

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