I found it entirely appropriate that it rained on the last day of 2020. It’s how winter presents here in the south usually: a cold, drippy haze. I thought of the past year and the plans that were cancelled and the ones which were delayed. I read some pages of a book that brought the tears flooding over me as well. Then the comforting sense that the rain was rinsing away all the tears of the year. It was cooling the ire and renewing the atmosphere. I thought of the long showers I always escaped to after a day that could only be comforted by the steam and solace of them. Cleanse this year away and leave only it’s lessons, I thought.

Soak, Rinse, Repeat

As if to confirm my suspicions, I woke to a renewed scene. The moon was full and alive until daylight broke with the sun, bright and piercing. I realized that the prior year has been like the shedding of skin or pruning of branches. I took a moment over the warm cup in my clasped hands to ponder what had actually been.

The last twelve months have produced circumstances that have forced many of us to deeply consider what we value. It nudged us into loosening our grip on patterns of behavior that do not contribute to our greater good. We have collectively, and individually faced scenarios we never imagined before.

So with this cleansing and renewal process, and each adaptation to rigorous change, there are now necessary bits of fallout which must be dealt with. Just as we bundle up the branches of the pruned tree for the brush pick-up, our clutter from last year must be evicted. The sudsy water of your evening shower washes away the dirt of the day and our internal bodies need the same consideration.

Whether you are committing to healing from and letting go of last year’s anxiousness, worry, anger, or sadness; those emotions have to be identified and processed. The psychological part of this process finds success through various avenues. Talk therapy, prayer and uplifting reading can all be extremely helpful.

Your Turn for a Spin

The physical toll this takes on each of us also needs nurturing. We process our stress hormones through our endocrine, nervous, digestive and adrenal systems. If you have unwittingly battered your adrenals, skin and liver all year then January might be just the time to detox from some of last year’s encounters and choices. Am I the only one who overdid it on sweets last month ???? to soothe away some of the unbelievable circus that was 2020?

For some pretty sage detox options, jump over to our entry Garbage In, Garbage Out. Our targeted herbal extracts are excellent ways to heal organs and glands which have been overtaxed.

A cup of hot tea can be like a comforting friend. When the tea has the added benefit of detoxifying and healing your body, all the better. Our conscientious Herbalist carefully selects appropriate leaves for steeping to address a variety of concerns. Find the cup that soothes your soul here.

The Adrenal Formula is carefully crafted to help support optimal adrenal gland health and promote a more balanced physical and emotional stress response. It can help optimize energy levels while promoting a healthy mood and healthy response to stress.

Your liver does work most people don’t even realize. Cleaning the blood is a full time post. Every toxin and excess hormone you encounter finds its way to the bloodstream; and thereby to the liver’s laundry pile. Its healthy function is necessary for proper digestion and waste removal. Our Live and Let Liver formula helps address a sluggish liver. This herbal blend contains some of the best herbs for purifying the blood and liver, shrinking enlarged liver, and helping the liver function properly.

Soaking in a warm bath with salts is not only relaxing, but it draws out the residual toxins through the skin from the body having processed stress hormones and food choices. It is an amazing incentive after a brisk walk, jog or hike. Now look at us. We’re exercising and healing. It’s a fantastic year already!

Obviously, we make incredible bath products at Roots to Remedies; ideal for soothing and detoxing. Find them with our full line of detox products.

Feeling Fresh and Wrinkle Free

So last year was what it was. If bile creeps up your throat in eulogy, take some time to release the emotions connected to it. Shake off those brown bits of decay and make way for the blossoming that always follows the gardener’s pruning and water. Have your cleansing cry, your warm bath and dry your face. Look in your mirror and remember the grace, luck and strength that brought you to this place; with your towel-wrapped head held high.

You are Beautiful ???? – Roots to Remedies

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