When I was in elementary school health class, I first heard rumor of the liver and its magical regenerative power. Cut off even a portion of it and the whole thing would grow back, they said. Sorta. I concede that perhaps my memory of the information was a little skewed, or the teacher’s understanding of it could have been basic. After all, he was the PE teacher. Advanced liver anatomy and pathology might not have been a reasonable expectation.

General Toxin Begone

I love my liver, though I have not always shown it ample appreciation. When you consider the function of this large flat organ, we should all show a bit more love. The liver is responsible for filtering and cleaning your blood. As the warm red liquid circumnavigates your body, carrying with it oxygen, nutrients and captured toxins, it all flows through the liver for sorting and sifting. Whatever is deemed waste, allergens, harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites are released into the intestinal tract for excretion.

Another vital function of our liver is its role in bile production. Bile is a digestive secretion made in the liver and composed of water, bilirubin and bile salts. Once the liver makes the bile, it is then stored in the gallbladder until use. Bile allows us to digest fats. In addition, bile helps filter out excess hormones, environmental toxins and other bodily waste.

Major Bodily Upset

When our liver is not functioning ideally, it takes a significant toll on other areas of our health.

Many factors can contribute to a sluggish liver. Consuming grease and other unhealthy fats can certainly cause the liver to work overtime. Alcohol is another way we can dehydrate and distract the liver from its normal toxic load. Excess sugar consumption and chronic dehydration are particularly taxing on all organs, liver included.

Often overlooked in liver health, are the emotions which tie into it. Anger is said to cause heat in the liver, according to eastern and ayurvedic practices. When we do not process anger in a productive and healthy way, it can cause discord throughout the digestive system. We discuss the importance of emotional health as it relates to your organs in Do You Hear What I Hear.

Perhaps most notably, when your liver is overwhelmed it affects hormone metabolism. The various hormones which regulate all bodily function are interconnected. They are the little data packets which determine which signals will be sent where. When any part of the hormone production, exchange and metabolism process is failing, it matters to your whole being. In Unraveling Adrenal Fatigue, we explained the importance of hormonal symbiosis.

When left unchecked, a sluggish liver becomes an inflamed one. Prolonged inflammation leads to cancer and other serious issues. So let’s not let it get that far. Take steps to reverse liver damage and inflammation today.

Admiral Realignment

There is good news. The liver does have an uncanny ability to reverse damage and heal itself; when given the proper environment to do so. You can help create the right environment with some thoughtful choices. Just as we clean the filters on our home appliances and vehicles, this vital bodily filter can also be cleansed. With herbal support, better nutritional choices, hydration and attention to your emotional well-being; you equip your liver with the greatest opportunity for success. As you might guess, changes in these areas not only improve liver health; but virtually every other are of your life.

You can find a blend of all of these in our Live and Let Liver herbal tincture.

Trust me, a little love and attention aimed at your liver health is well worth it. Nothing beats regular digestive and bowel habits, adequate sleep, mental clarity and emotional peace. Your liver, when performing optimally, is a key moderator in all of those. When all is said and done, you are the only one truly vested in what kind of life you want to live. You can choose to be stagnant and sluggish. You can also choose to make your health a priority. Doing so improves every aspect of your being and gives your loved ones the gift of the best possible version of you. Look forward to the morning revellie and become who God made you to be.

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