The human body is an incredible thing.  It is the vessel gifted by God to escort our spirit through this earthly experience; and its natural state is wellness.  Realizing this can be a life long process. 

At Roots to Remedies, we like to think of this process as a personal health journey.  

My own journey began when a series of subtle symptoms led me to realize the conventional doctors I had hoped would provide thorough answers, were only interested in providing proverbial band-aids.  In deciding to take ownership over my own well being, I started researching and slowly editing my habits.  I discovered the benefits of the many plants that grow on this planet, put here for the health of its inhabitants.

Herbal Medicine Remedies - Roots To Remedies

Have you ever performed an internet search because you had an oddly placed freckle, a rash or a headache, only to find you have click, click, clicked yourself into being convinced you are in fact, dying? You are not alone.  The information out there is overwhelming.

So many people are frustrated with western medicine and the approach of masking symptoms instead of curing underlying causes.  Taking control of your own health can be terrifying. We would like to ease your worry.  If you are new to natural living, we want you to know there is a vast community and you do not have to navigate it alone.  The intention of this blog is to provide education, support and a sense of belonging for those who are reclaiming their personal wellness.

Welcome,  The RtR Crew

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